You Could Be Poor With Many Items While Rich With Just A Little

Where could we seek fulfilment in our life?

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

We do not know why people love to keep items even when they do not need them. We thought they were hoarders, but that might not be the case.

I read a poem by Long Lost and made some reflections.

It was a life unfulfilled that made some people keep many things. Some people found fulfillment in items they owned. They felt that life had been difficult so, don’t waste it. Some kept for memories as a form of deep appreciation and found it hard to let them go.

Items would wear out.
Food and drinks would expire.
People would leave us in a dire state.
Desires got stale one day.
Nothing would last.

Perhaps we could hold onto something else more meaningful than items. We only have that 1-thing to keep us upstanding. Maybe faith or courage? Maybe the good memories that would give us strength on days we fell sick? I don’t know…

Thank you, Long Lost, for this piece. 🌹I understood better possibilities of people who kept many things. At the same time, I questioned myself where I am looking for fulfilment in my life. #deepmeanings



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