You Are Enough


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I heard these few words a lot, but I grappled to understand the meaning. What does it mean by “You are enough?” and maybe you can share it with me?

I can only understand it very little.

There is always an opposite of everything. There can be partners in anything. If it takes long to understand a little about it, tweak it in the opposite direction. What if I say that “You are not enough”?

It means you need something more. You want something more. You derive from the words “need” and “want”.

Your wish list grew exhaustive, and you do not know when you will be satiated. Whatever has been given in your life is never enough. You are never contented. There is a hidden glut or greed in your desires. It seems like you are never thankful enough, thus breeding your heartaches.

A person who does not know how to feel thankful and be contented will not know how to be at peace. Most of the time, we are all looking for contentment and peace.

So, flip it back to the positive side, and you will find it saying, “You are enough”. What does it mean to you then?

  • Are you enough?
  • Have you not gotten a lot of favors from God?
  • What are there which you can feel thankful that you do not need to experience, unlike others?

Comparison kills joy.

Yet, if you need to make comparisons, do not compare with someone who has more. Do not compare with people who have what you do not have at the present moment. You will grow unhappy or displeased with yourself.

Contentment does not mean complacent.

These are 2-different words altogether. You are content with what you already have, but you continue to strive for more daily. You may not be greedily looking for too much, but you know when it is a fair amount in anything.

It means you still need to make an effort to do something and try anything for something new to achieve. Why? You want to avoid being complacent and becoming a couch potato.

Or better still, you want to ensure that you do not slip down the road of losing the meaning of life because you feel bored someday. As long as you wake up to another day, you got to live!

We can be philosophical at times, but as long as we are not at a retiring age like the norm of the past, there is still a big room to find opportunities for good. And as I write this, I am consoling myself too.

I know we are all dying one day.

It may be tomorrow, and you may be in your 20s or 30s. Death does not discriminate by age. For the Muslims, the Angel of Death visits us 70 times, and some say 7000 times a day, ready to pull our spirit at God’s command.

But, we are not here to wait anxiously for that to happen and stop living. As long as we get up awake every day, we ought to live. Really, really live.

You are enough.

I welcome you to share your thoughts on what you understand by “You Are Enough”. Please give me some light of encouragement. We never know whose words strike a sudden chord to another reader to start taking a leap of faith.

We learn from each other. Don’t we?

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what you read.

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