Why Was It So Difficult For Them To Make Peace?

Generation gap…

Photo by Ray Shrewsberry on Unsplash

Generation gap.

Probably the exact words are the change in era. If you do know older generations still living today, you may hear history of their life and the people associated with them. If it makes you wander and wonder reasons for the older generations hardly make peace with one another, here is an answer. I reflected.

The ancestors lived by keeping look out for danger. They looked out for bad omen, spiritual disturbances, and bad deeds or actions from people often.

They focused on such details more than rejoicing and prolonging the beauty of good deeds, good actions or good days. Their objective was no other than protecting their own tribe, clan, family and members of their village. Do you see how it is easy for someone to keep remembering the bad deeds from others?



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