When One Door Closes There Are Many More Windows Open

Seeking alternatives to writing avenues for side hustles and gigs

When one door closes, many more windows are open. Try to look for opportunities and don’t stop to give up easily
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“You’re not creating if your not first enveloped with passion for your work” — Jason Strull

Although I came back to write as part of my hobbies, having seen the eligibility for earning some coffee money over it was a waste to be missed. I am still looking forward to establish a side hustle for the long run.

However, in the last 2-days, Stripe services emailed me a piece of unfortunate news. My stripe account was closed. Praise the Lord in all conditions. Hamd Olsun.

I wanted perhaps a little bit of privacy alongside the function that if we could have people sign up for membership using Medium as their writing platform, why not?

I preferred that a reader subscribe to Medium ($5 monthly) and read as much as wanted while writing on any niche. I do not want to give a free article forever.

Perhaps, 2-articles per month publicly for those who created an account but not subscribing to Medium is still okay? So I stay. Marketeers are always kept abreast of new technologies thus I searched for other platforms too. Briefly, these are what I had seen.

1 — Earning Platforms for writing your articles

Quora +

I read Quora+ coming to transform itself into an earning platform through Space. It applies the same subscription fees of 5 USD monthly from what I read the last few months. I do read articles here saying that Quora + is trying to be comparable and parallel to Medium.


Vocal seemed interesting that writers earned faster and more compared to Medium. There are challenges for participation with a monetary reward too. But the subscription is double of Medium. Fair enough that it is doubled because earning seemed to be easier in Vocal.

2 — Charity or Donation type of platforms where readers are free to give you Tips for your writing


I found Ko-Fi quite an interesting place for blogs, writings, and earning donations from readers. So, it is up to readers how much they wanted to tip the writers as a form of appreciation. There’s no report about it being taxed affiliated. There is no info about service fees charged using Paypal. There is a monthly fee of $6.

*Do check the terms first before you use it*

Buy Me A Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee is parallel to Ko-Fi. The distinguished similarity is that it worked like a charity platform. Readers tip writers as appreciation. It seemed default at 5 USD, 15 USD or so on.

Buy Me A Coffee is also known to have lesser features flexibility in its platform compared to Ko-Fi. You are charged for PayPal transaction services when there is any donation from people to you. It is it small percentage.

*Do read up on the 5% service fees applied for the Paypal transaction*.

3 — To boost awareness or traffic


A free platform to use for your articles with a limited number of words for writing. In other words, you can’t write elaborately. It is just a good platform for short-form writing, daily quotes, or summaries.

The question is if a person does not have a wide network of people on the follower’s list, how does the person use Twitter to reach massive publicity over articles written?

Facebook Page

It is a common and free space. It is the generation of social media blogging and hardly any blogging from an independent host or a static website.

It isn’t an income-generating platform unless you have something to sell as a call-to-action for readers to purchase something. But, you could use it to bring people into subscribing to Medium via your affiliate link.

It does create awareness of your presence, especially if you have a large number of people on your friend’s list. You could run Facebook Ads with your own pocket money just to introduce people to your Medium page.

Do you need to use all or stay within 1 avenue?

And the question is should we jump into all of these platforms + medium as our workspaces all at once? Will it make a difference for us? Or are we spreading our wings too far? How many platforms are enough for us? Are we at the right strategy to use all the platforms in one go?

As I read Dandapani’s newsletter in my e-mail, I wondered. Am I collecting so many tools and wasting my time in it when I could use one or a few and make the best out of it? *Don’t think too much*



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