When A Person Decided To Stay Away From You…

an unspoken truth for a step taken aback from socializing

Photo by Amol Tyagi on Unsplash

When a relationship feels strained, it is time to evaluate if being with the person is worth your time and energy. Often, people quietly move away from others without speaking the truth of their ghosting.

In this article, George wrote what may resonate well with you, as it resonates well with me. What will make you stay away from others and vice versa?

  • Trivialize other people’s feelings with sarcasm and jokes like they don’t matter
  • Making people’s life experience small as if yours only matter most
  • Disregarding people’s beliefs even when you don’t practice and believe it

Smaller people tend to make others feel small, to make themselves feel bigger. And you don’t have to allow that to happen to yourself all the time. Instead of taking it as a competition, envy and hatred, maybe keeping a distance helps.

Thank you, George Blue Kelly, for these insightful piece. I am grateful to have come across this article today. 🌹



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