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Water — A Lesson of How Nature Speak To Us On Its Presence

the existence of Nature we can reflect upon …

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I love lakes and waterfalls without me having to take the risk of slipping off the rocks into the deep water. I don’t swim often. I don’t swim well. I don’t jump in the pool.

It is the breeze of the waterfall, and the natural smell emanates indescribable peace and serenity. Without 1-word spoken, calm and tranquility set in. If you have been noisy often, take the time to be quiet with nature. Be still.

Sometimes you will find people environmentally inclined after a hectic workload or strain in relationship issues. Sit alone looking at nature because signs are there to speak to you.

Do you have problems? Me, too. It is human to brainstorm solutions. If you always think problems have no solution, you need to change your perspective. If you expect the solution immediately, it will be delayed.

But sometimes, there are problems not meant for you to solve. You are only needed to go through the storm and dance in the rain. Have you ever heard of that phrase?

The cloud passes by each day. So will your problems. It shall soon pass. Mine too, right?

Today, I am revisiting some values of what nature is trying to tell me through the existence of water.

Photo by Mickey O’neil on Unsplash

Soft yet fierce

I describe water as a soft yet powerful element. The tsunami was enough as evidence of destruction. The current situation in my neighboring country shows floods in many areas. Homes damaged or destroyed. No matter how smart, intelligent, or powerful a human being is, water is stronger.

Gentle yet destructive

The world is facing crises like global warming due to carbon emissions. An increase in sea level by minimum can destroy our living places. During my past project for a business client, my team read that an increase in temperature by 2 C causes a drastic rise in sea level.

Is it possible water drowns the Earth? Yes.

Soft and gentle, water can shape the stones. And in it comes the analogy of a child’s education. Train a child when he is young because he will remember it longer than if he starts late. You, teaching him young, is like water shaping the stones.

Water also plays a part in healing our bodies physically…

Source for cure yet taken for granted

A human being can live without food for many days, but not without water more than 3 days. You can read up on how much our body consists of water. I used to have frequent headaches to migraine.

When I start drinking mineral water at least 1.5 liters daily, it reduces the frequency to monthly pre-menses cycle. Our brain and kidney take up more water than the rest of the body.

Water helps in Weight Loss

Whenever I visit the GNC shops, the salesperson likes to tell me to drink more water. Vit C and Primrose Oil with Omega 3 are my favorite buys. It helps to regulate hormones for women.

Later on, I keep a lookout for Magnesium, or rather what is known as Vit D. And the salesperson will tell me the same thing before I leave the shop:

There are many sources you may find about water concerning weight loss. But 1-significant practice if the Muslims follow the prophet’s way of life, they would drink a glass of water before every meal. And they will drink again only an hour after every meal.

Water also helps us in our spiritual or emotional aspects. Read on…

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Healing for anger

Water brings down anger just like it put out a fire. In a heated argument, take a shower and wash your hair. It will bring down that anger spree.

Do you watch movies and series where broken hearts will sit in their bathtubs and run the water down from the shower heads? They will cry and get soaking wet. They will leave the tub or shower room and shiver drastically.

In their clean robe, they get into bed. Rested the night, they will wake up the next day feeling better than previously.

Stress Relief from the sound of water

Listen to the sound from the water flow. Every different kind gives different uplifting feelings. It is therapeutic. I listen to some of these sounds when I get too tired or sleepy over absolute silence. One of them is from Soothing Relaxation by Peder B. Helland.

If I want to have some soft music background, I will not turn to praise and worship. I will end up singing instead of doing my work. Choosing the right music to accompany me in my tasks is necessary.

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Water has its connection to spirituality too…

Biblically, God created water on the 1st day. In Islam, water is the origin of all life on Earth. And man is created by a drop of water (semen) into the womb. That is a reason holy matrimony is sacred because when 2 becomes 1, together, you are witnessing the evidence (stages of baby formed) that God exists.

The river in India is an embodiment of a goddess. Thus cleaning oneself in the river of Ganges purifies a person. How fortunate we are to have water. Maa Shaa Allah. Subhana Allah. The Muslims take ablution before their prayers as mentioned:

“O you who have believed, when you rise to [perform] prayer, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles…” — Noble Qur’an

There are many other values we can find from natural resources like water. A lesson we can derive from water is our gratitude for it through our daily life. How did water help you so far?

For me, water teaches me humility or being humble. If walking on the surface on this Earth in arrogance makes a person feel powerful, water is so much more. God is above all powers after all.

🌹Thank you for reading. I appreciate you. 🌹Let’s drink more water. Cut down on soda. 🌹



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