Taking A Piece Of Quiche Or A Whole Of It?

Writing everything or focusing on 1-thing only?

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

I am not an undergrad in Psychology, Sociology, Counselling, Social Work, and Human Resources. There are so many of these certified people here. I am keen that the readers are likely to read from those who have better knowledge in such area of expertise.

Maybe it is easier for me to write anything between spirituality and wisdom. But, these do not come in a flick of fingers. It comes from experiences or after many days, weeks, months, and years of reflections.

Sometimes, we will understand a situation that happens only after many years passed by. You will know how it feels like to be a father only when you become a father. Right?

Someone suggested to me to write about my life in Yemen. The World does not know the insights of that vast land, except only what is shown from the TV box. I lived in Yemen before I returned to my homeland. I can tell you stories from my experiences there. But, I feel that nobody is interested in Yemen.

People only speak about it because of war. Not many people pay attention to its state of impoverishing, malnutrition, and poverty. But, to be a fair self-critic, I have not been consistently sharing about Yemen. It is also a good reason why nobody or not many people reads it.

A Catholic friend said perhaps writing about Yemen will catch good attention if I write at least 100 articles. She has not listened to beautiful stories before. Not till she met me because I lived there in the past.

I have seen another topic that works pretty well without a university degree when you look out for something with credibility. Readers like authenticity.

Topics like love, relationship, sex, romance, sexy stories, erotic, humor in the relationship, and fantasies are attention grabbers. There are many people with broken hearts. Everyone is looking for the meaning of love. Sometimes, writing fiction stories will give them thrills of hope to find love once again.

Yes, I am writing on these topics in Simily as fiction stories. I am testing the platform.

If you want another attractive topic, it is about making money. Aside from self-help and personal development, the World is into “Great Resignation” because we want our mental health. So, most of us want to venture into some side hustles.

Whatever your niches are, do what you love. It is better than doing nothing at all. You can try everything as long as you do not find it boring. Because when you lose your enthusiasm and interest, you will feel writing is dull. When you start to feel it is boring, you will consider to give up.

I will still write a mixture of topics. I enjoy it that way at the moment. I love the authenticity in writers.

I fell sick in Yemen and had a surgery. You probably think I am a spartan after reading this article. If there is something I can’t find beneficial for me thinking for migration, it is because of medical facilities and health benefits.

I believed that you will count your blessings if you were to read what I lived with. Despite I was in a 3rd world country or war torn places, I had to put up with the craps from other Asian people and that did not make life there easier.

Whether you migrate to Europe, America, Australia, or Singapore, always remember that the grass is never greener on the side of the World. It is not a 100% bed of roses and beauty.



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