My Spiritual Mentor Taught Me To Bless The Hungry With Meals

Life hack with solution no books in school have and no teachers teach us with it in moral education

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Ever since I left the government services for my mental health and physical well-being, I had not found a ‘permanent’ job, except contracts. I stayed overseas when I was not even welcome to stay in my homeland.

At least, in a well-known war-torn country, I did have a shelter and was not left hungry. These were some things I held dear when I saw life getting bleak or hope getting dimmed.

Bless other people with a meal.

“At the end of the day, whatever extras you still have belonged to others. You are holding it back.” — Habib Syed Taha Al Bar

Those were the words of my mentor, my guide, and a listening man. He used to serve in the mausoleum of a Grand Saint in Singapore before the pandemic.

I was with him often. I observed his daily activities. Like an angel sent to many people, he was a point of hope for visitors from all walks of life, regardless of religion, race, and language.

People came daily with many issues in life. Divorce. Magic Spells. Abuse and so on.

I often saw him handing over a packet of food to the visitors. Sometimes, I saw him handing over some monies to the visitors. He emptied his pocket. He left not a single dollar note for himself.

I saw him hungry, but he ate little. Then, he gave the remaining portion to others. He was selfless. Not many people could do that.

When the World worked by paper qualifications, the degree holders held their noses high with pride. I came across countless religious teachers telling me our sustenance is from God, not the papers we sat through examination halls.

Several touch-and-go coaches mentioned that I made a mistake thinking that a paper determines my foods, drinks, clothes, and a future good place to stay. I took a step back and reflected.

How did Mother Theresa continuously provide food? How did she start? How did Habib Umar Ben Hafiz begin his missionary before it grew famous in the World? I found the answers in all the pain-staking time living in Yemen.

When you held back a portion from blessing others, the abundance which God created for you would be held back by your lack of trust in Him. That is so true.

You held back Love, and you lost it. You held back money, and you lost it too. You will spend more. There was a reason why you have a surplus in your hands. — For you to release it to the ones in need, and at the same time you did a good act which would increase your store barns of sustenance many folds.

All you have to do was to bless a hungry person with a decent meal. Start within your family before friends. You would not need to buy expensive food from an expensive restaurant.

It could be breakfast with just toast bread, honey and butter spread, tea for the older ones, and milk for the youngsters. That simple table spread will do. Or even fried rice with sausage or with a sunny egg on top.

Call your nearby neighbor if your country lifted the strictness of movement from this pandemic. Otherwise, pack it and hang the food at their door, leaving a note to them.

That would be your gratitude to God. At the same time, remember to make the intention that God bless you two to twenty times fold. He Wills It.

If you have a cat or dog, make your intentions when giving its daily meals at its timing. No pet is a burden. You should not give it up during this pandemic.

You would not know the miracles that could happen anytime. You might meet strangers who spoke of something that resolved all your issues or at least lightened your load of burden.

The most, you might gain friendship, especially in these days when we lose more time together for gatherings with friends as we get old.

And if you are a free thinker, let me put it this way. Think of it as a ripple effect. You do good, and goodness would come to you.

That was how one of my former bosses became my ‘sister’. And my Philippine colleague blossomed into a friend and a sister of different beliefs.

Whenever she writes a note or highlights stories on her Instagram, she will quote me as a new brand, “Meeting Up with God’s Friend”.

Believing in this World is Seeing with our eyes. Believing by spirituality is faith in what has yet to be seen.

You can tell the person, “Today, I bless you with a simple meal. Do pray for me.” You won’t grow poor just by blessing one another over a simple, cheap meal.

I hope you enjoyed what you read.

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