Live A Good Life And Know Yourself 1st Why You Want To Be Married

Don’t rush…Don’t lie to yourself…

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

I looked into the death cert of a woman who remained single all her life. It was stated Spinster as her marital status. This word became a taboo or shame for some cultural groups or perhaps commonly among the Asians — Malays.

Because during the kampong days (old village settings), the older generation always asked one another why their children had not been married. Girls must be married off by 21 years old. Otherwise, they were unworthy. This practice still took place in other countries today.

I shed my tears for the deceased. Because despite remaining single all her life, she always helped others. Her compassionate heart was truly remarkable. But, some people mocked her due to her marital status. Using the word spinster in mocking women is truly a disrespectful act coming from the men.

During my time in Yemen, I met Asians a lot younger than my age. They were busy looking out for partners from the brothers’ school. The stories about love, sex, and children were strong. Some Yemeni scholars asked them what was the rush for marriage. These Arabs were lecturers in the Universities, still single at the age of 35!

I was surprised that the Arabs had single women, never been married before. They were between the age of 35 to early 40s. They lectured the Asian students that there wasn’t a need to rush for marriage. They were told to focus on studying 1st! I smiled from ear to ear. For the 1st time in my life, finally, I heard this came from the Arabs.

Today, I recommend you to read Jeffrey’s article. I liked the way he explained and shared his life experiences before the marriage took place. I believed too, that every unmarried or single person, should consider living life in great ways first. Don’t rush into marriage. There would be time for it.

Thank you, Jeffrey Clos, for this beautiful advice. I am grateful to read this today. I hope other readers who come across this piece will find it helpful, too.



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