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I Wonder What Makes Him Tell Me He Had Depression

When people feel comfortable to share their heart’s content on a personal level, it means you are their safe haven…

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The pain we go through isn’t about making us stronger or colder, but an option or a choice to pull up others back to their feet. It’s called an opportunity to make a difference.

We can only do it if we have love for humanity in our hearts.

And when someone tells you history or their depression or if they are in the state of depression, the last thing they will expect from you is…being brushed away of their feelings and emotions.

You got to acknowledge it to a certain point that you understand them.

1 — You Are Their Safety or Safe Haven

There is a level of trust which makes a person opens up to you their personal life stories. It is all up to you to be the genuinely encouraging person or avoid them as if they are carrying a contagious disease…

2 — You Are Easy-Going

There is one way people who hasn’t known you well, will come to you often instead to others. It is when you are an easy-going person. They know you prefer peace and together-ness instead of competition and politics.

The challenge of being easy-going is that everyone may think it is okay to mistreat you. Because people may think that you do not know how to be angry. You can be taken advantage too.

Sometimes, people wonder how another person may be well-liked or loved by bosses. He or she need not be a bootlicker trying to impress others.

3 — You Are A Harmless Bitter Medicine or A Lover

Like my mentor here once shared, people who has been to Hell and came back from it has certain traits or standards to live by. And as we grow older, we prefer to be quieter.

  • You are easy-going
  • You are their harmless bitter medicine or lover



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