Story Through Life of A Stewardess

I Do It Because I Love

why it is easy to do something for someone but not for another person…

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  • What makes me commit to the French restaurant when I work with flexible time, I can always hitch another restaurant or cafes to help their operations?
  • It is like, you can offer help to strangers easily but not to the people you already know personally.

It is because of Love. Either it is present or absent in our hearts.

I always look forward to work as much as I can with the fine dining restaurant, unless I have to send my dad to the hospital appointments. Or attend to the Will Execution matters for my late aunt which still remains stagnant. I am getting discouraged with it, too.

When you want to do anything, ask yourself the state of your heart. When Love doesn’t exist, you will not find it easy.

I know there is only so much I can do for anyone I love as my own, regardless of race, language, or beliefs. I trust my Lord’s eyes always on my loved ones there. — A covenant God sent to me as a strength through adversities. Amen.



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