Life Through A Stewardess Story

I Baptized You…

There can never be I, Me, and Myself totally in life because nobody is an island of their own…

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Ego Te Baptizo, Nour…

  • to be of a different mindset that when negativity whisper, that you may be strong enough to roar with positive affirmations to yourself
  • to be thinking good of ME that I may bestow you best as I AM how a servant thinks of ME. If he think good, all is good. Vice versa
  • to understand that no matter how good you can do things with your effort, your strength is granted by ME. Without my permission, you can’t move an inch of your nerves
  • to know that nobody is an island of their own. Regardless of single or married, everyone is connected and nobody can run away from being irresponsible to one another. Because everything will return to you someday to put you back into your place
  • to be of good cheer and slowly learn manners and etiquettes from one another because in every one of you there is a divinity where I dwelled in thus, make your daily transactions and interactions with one another like you are interacting with ME
  • to seek help when you require help and not to be afraid of people refusing to help you after you asked. They are those who do not have the capacity and are filled with weaknesses whatever their status is in society. so do not carry everything upon yourself



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