Between The Potter And The Clay What Did He Say?

Finding no time to grief because I am aware who is the Potter and Clay…

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Right at this moment, I feel my heart weeping inside me as I hummed a song I once sang a lot in my 20s. I can express myself through it.

Between the potter and the clay, I have always admired this art. And it is expensive to learn. But, to be able to craft something requires skill and creativity.

The dervishes, especially among the Turks, are usually potters. They love to create jugs to carry water. And water is sacred.

Their shops (like an example below) are filled with colorful items, plates, and mugs, carefully crafted by the potters you never met before.

Why do they become a potter as a profession?

These items are not fast-moving in sales unless the shop owner does social media awareness. Ask the dervishes from dergahi. They can tell you more than me.

Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash

Here is the story where my heart weeps as I unfold it to you.

The clay takes the texture from water. If you think deeper, water is sacred. It applies spiritually to you and me.

And the clay is as good as the dough. You knead it, press it, squeeze it, and whichever motions you do to it, it has to go through the pressure from the potter.

The potter’s hands craft it into beautiful household items in various shapes and sizes. Tall, short, with a beak at the edge to pour out water from jugs made of clay, you name it. It takes all forms depending on the potter.

As the dervishes do this, they bear in mind their destiny.

The Potter is God, The Almighty, The Heavenly King, The Father, or whatever you called Him. We are the clay. He crafted us and our destiny.

In my low moment, I hold these to remember who the Potter is. And who is the clay? What does the Potter tell you?…

No eye has seen…No ear has heard…The good that I have prepared for those…Who waits on Me…To hear My voice…I am the potter, and you are the clay…Let me take you in my hand and make you all that I want you to be, I will help you understand your purpose and what you can do in it, Fulfilling your destiny…”

These words are familiar to some of you, I need not say. It is a powerful reminder that I can plan anything. But there is a Greater Planner ahead of me. Most of my plans either failed, I gave up, or buried it somewhere and have yet to dig it out so that I continue to run the race again.

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

And I remember…

The Potter will have the clay placed into a high-temperature burning surface for a long time. As my heart weeps writing this, unsure how to describe it all carefully piece by piece, I remember the temperature the clay has to go through. I am that clay.

The Potter will not craft and leave me raw, but He puts me through the heat and coolness for a purpose.

The dervishes live life in service for others. They died while alive. Most of us run to the Path because of spiritual high or brokenness.

At some point in life, we may find it hard to serve. Because either we are not truly ready to give up our lives, or we become traumatized and paralyzed by mistrust, fear, regrets, doubts, and so on.

Today, my mind has been all over the place in prayer. Because I am questioned by my heart, who is the Potter and who is the clay?…Who decides what?

🐻 Good night. 🐻



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