4 Ways You Can Manage A Bad Day Back-To-Back

and I will share with you these ways to cope without book references quote…

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Sunday was crap, and Monday has gone too soon. Back-to-back you may experience days you do not want to get up from the bed or meet people. But, if you succumb to this whenever it happens, soon you will slide down the rabbit hole. You will stay longer in the dark.

When you experience awful days back-to-back, how do you cope or manage it? Here, I share what seems boring, yet we overlook the magnifying after-effects.

#01 — Never underestimate the power of a hug

A hug relieves pain. And if you ever had someone who hugged you before when you were down, you will know how much it gives comfort and relief. It may not resolve issues yet, but it helps make you feel better.

Sometimes, I wish to meet up with my mentor and exchange hugs.

Because I know it makes us feel better whatever our circumstances are.

#02 — Never underestimate the power of a smile

When I wear the mask or face veil, I have privacy. I notice people, but they do not see me easy. When I wear the black face veils, nobody notices my presence. I can ignore the assholes and spiritual vampires. I do not need to smile.

But, never underestimate the power of a smile. It brightens up a person’s life and makes one feel welcomed. I encounter daily greetings with great joy from Chef Julien, who gives people a warm smile every morning.

#03 — Never underestimate the power of a kind gesture

I sometimes wonder if I am accepted to the job because nobody else wants the role. Sweeping leaves while basking in the hot sun, who will agree to it? But, being informed that there is a non-pork meal prepared by the chefs later in the day, I feel blessed. It is the thought that counts.

You are not obligated to reciprocate kindness with kindness. But, if you have a sense of humility, it teaches you to care for others like a ripple effect.

#04 — Everyone needs a friend anytime

Gone are the days of strict conservatism. Nowadays, younger generations do not indulge in too many cultural practices. Once you start working, you will see no fuss about a man sitting closely next to a woman on a sofa.

You may see the man allowing the woman to rest her head on his shoulder despite not being legally related. Their friendship relieves them from negative emotions.

Some people say let’s hug a tree as long as it brings you comfort. Because we exist with the universe. She also responds to us in ways we give our vibrations. Negative or positive. Choose how you cope. We can never escape from bad days back-to-back. But, we need to find ways to manage it…

  • Never underestimate the power of a hug
  • Never underestimate the power of a smile
  • Never underestimate the power of a kind gesture
  • Everyone needs a friend anytime

I hope you will look into every small ways which makes a huge difference. We overlook these often. Perhaps these help you in your bad days.

It won’t last forever, will it?



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